In-Game Rules

  1. Once a character is created it is required to create ASAP. No player is allowed to continue without being in a clan or it risks of having the character deleted.
  2. You are not allowed to advertise any other servers and/or communities, may result in perma ban.
  3. There is an absolute zero tolerance policy on cheating, it will result in perma ban.
  4. Discrimination or any other excessive behavior will not be tolerated.
  5. Each player is allowed up to 7.500 total objects, type "/buildinfo" or "/heatmap". It is the sum of all the pets, buildings, thralls and placeables.
  6. Clans w/ multiple members, it goes the same as above, ex: 2 players = 2 * 7.500 = 15.000 total objects.
  7. Do not block any passage that demands the players to go around. We will destroyed it.
  8. Do not place more than one type generator of materials, like 2 mines, 2 fishtraps, 2 lumbermills, etc.
  9. Do not exploit bugs, report it right away in the 'bug-tracker' section or ingame, please.
  10. Do not spam foundations. The more foundations is in the server the longer it takes the server to load, your game to load and may result in heavy lags.
  11. Do not leave any placeable disregardded around the map, it must be in or nearby your base. Temporary wheels of pain are allowed if far from mobs camps and bosses, otherwise it will result in spawn bugging.
  12. Each player may have 3 slave-merchants (thespians) and must be under the same awning.
  13. As a +18 server, we do not restrict mature language, as long as you keep it in English and in a respectful manner. Banter at will.
  14. Do not spam the chat.