Discord Rules

  1. "Be better, not bitter" Do not post personal attacks or harass other users or staff members. Racist, sexist, misogynistic, discussions of rape, homophobic & other types of offensive messages will not be tolerated.
  2. No discussion surrounding illegal activity We do not allow discussions about illegal content/behaviours. This includes distribution of illegal software, such as links, files, apps, etc.
  3. Do not mess with the bots. No bot circumvention allowed.
  4. No NSFW content or links. No posting links towards other illegal sites and pornographic images. This includes all channels, profile pictures & display names. This Discord is not for kids, please, keep content suitable for all.
    1. Also you can post any NSFW ANIME or 3D stuff.
  5. No spam. No repetitive posts/questions on multiple channels. No advertising of any kind, unless it’s Battlehorns related content. No unsolicited DMs to other members.
    1. FLOOD: Limit 3 lines per 2 seconds;
    2. MENTION: Limit 4 mentions on same message;
    3. Bad Words: 0;
    4. BlackListLinks: 0;
  6. No sharing personal information. Private data such as phone numbers, addresses, etc. must not be publicly exchanged.
  7. Keep your speech in english, please.
  8. If You get 20 strikes, you’re out for 2 hours! Breaking any of the rules above will lead to warnings, Carl-Bot, before you are timed out from all channels, and you will receive a :poop: badge Role. If you were previously timed out on the server, we reserve the right to remove you from all channels and ban you ingame, without a warning.